A Little Bug’s Birthday Party

I often refer to Oakes as my little “love bug”. He can be so cuddly and so sweet and so loving. It makes my heart so full and content when he rests his head on me or lays a soft (but sloppy) kiss on my mouth. But our little sweetheart can also be so crazy, so silly, and so wily; and in many of these wilder moments I refer to our little Oak as my “wiggle worm.” And each of the many times I used these two names for him this past week I have been amused at how fitting his “bugs” party theme was for him!

Momma & Oakes

Me & My Little Bug

This wasn’t a carefully planned theme by any means. A week prior to his party, we had no theme and hadn’t sent out our invitations. But regardless of our being so last minute and behind on life, his little bug birthday party was very appropriate, not to mention super cute, fun and perfect for a one year old!

Derick and I had a blast planning it this past week and thinking of ways we could celebrate our littlest boy and make a special day for him. It might sound funny, but taking time to celebrate and think about him, remember his first year and look through many of his baby pictures, really filled our hearts with greater love for him! And that made us so happy that we were planning a party, even if it was last minute. Thankfully, we have a lot of wonderful friends and family who really love our little Oak and helped us with a lot of the little details that made the party extra fun and special.

The (Bug) Zees!

The (Bug) Zees!

The party was cute. We made cute little masks. We made cute little signs. We made cute little food. We had cute little decorations. The party was fun. We played a fun bee game. We dug in the dirt for fun little bugs. We had a fun crawling race. We had fun prizes for kids and adults. We had fun happy colors. Of course, I hope other people thought that the party was cute and fun! But what Derick and I most loved about the party is that Oakes was loved on… and he really seemed to know that he was being loved on and he seemed to really enjoy it!

Dadda dared to pull him away.But he wanted to taste the stinger first.

Please enjoy the cute, fun and zany photos! Click any to see them bigger as a gallery.

Pin the Stinger on the Bee

Bug Mask Photos

Fun Details

Bug Crawl

Oakes Eats Dirt

Around the Party


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